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Mach, December 21st, 2009, 8:06 pm ( Reply )

- I just edited the strip very lazily, as I was pressed for time. Translated, with frame explanations below:

1: Us Scots say "Ach" a lot. It doesnt have any real meaning, but its closest to "Ah" or "Oh"

2: This is where the "error" is. In this context, it should be either Celitc or Rangers (or maybe a Hun >=) ), not Glasweigans, as a Glasweigan is somebody who comes from Glasgow. Rangers and Celtic are the two main teams both in Glasgow and in Scottish football (aside from the early 80s... >=) )
* The best description I could find of a buttery was "Like a flattened a croissant, but with a more savoury flavour." They are very nice heated and with butter on top, but very fattening (and typically Scottish). You can buy them anywhere in mine and MP's part of Scotland, but pretty much nowhere else (even in Scotland)

3: Any Scots here will know that this frame is VERY localised. (More so than the rest of the strip)

4: What knuckles said, is really just a cross between fright and surprise. Still, I would easily pay triple the price of a Sonic game just to hear Knuckles say "Jings crivens help ma boab" regardless of how good/bad the game is
* Remember I said us Scots were big into figurse of speech? This is a classic example. Although "Lik a coo keekin ower (its a silent w) a dyke" MEANS Foolish looking person, translated strictly means "Like a cow looking over a wall!"

5. Another figure of speech. This time I put the strict translation on the comic. "His erse (pronounced ay-ursss) is oot the windae" means "You are unlikely to achieve the desired result with that kind of behaviour" I havent heard that expression up in my corner, but I have a crazy feeling its a Glasweigan expression

6. This is more to show the "rivalry" up here between those who live in a city and those who dont (MP does not live in either a shack or a farm, before you ask)

And your bonus words:
Foos yer doos: How are you
Cludgie: Toilet
Bonnie Lass: Beautiful girl
Cairds: Cards
Bairn: Child
Scaffie: Binman
Douche: Kind
Lugs: ears
Jakey: Alcoholic (Needless to say, a lot of Scotland is...)

Sorry its wordy. And this is before we even cover pronounciations!

There WILL be an M&M before Christmas day.

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