» Comics - Mach vs God (or why I am on a haitus...) - October 9th, 2009, 2:34 pm

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FEAR Gods blocky finger!

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Mach, October 9th, 2009, 2:34 pm ( Reply )

- The answer seems to be trying to do some coursework

Yep, my laptop has died AGAIN! This time both Vista AND the motherboard have thrown hissy fits at the same time! I'm really starting to wonder if the Almighty has something against me owning a laptop as its the 3rd laptop I have went through in less than a year (and the last two were a different make and brand from a completely different shop!) and have had both a complete motherboard change AND a full operating system reinstall! Whats worse, is that the two joint faults I am suffering just now are the same two that it suffered from before, just now both have come back AT THE SAME TIME! And typically, like all the previous faults, they come when I actually NEED it for serious coursework!

Compare with my PC which I built with my own hands (and MP's "Japanese," how the hell it worked first time is beyond me...) which I have had for just over two years, and is a model of reliability...although after that remark, dont be surprised if it blows up in my face...

It also means that updates on all comics are going to be very infrequent (or if you like, an unofficial haitus) right now, as I now lack easy internet access (Hence why I have posted this on all my comics which are not multi author (Sketches of Life aside)

The only good thing is that at least Resident Evil 5 got released for PC so have bought that. But even thats turned foul: The "master of unlocking" is dead! ='(

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