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Mach, July 10th, 2009, 1:24 pm ( Reply )

- For the real life version, replace Metropolis with England and Station Square with Scotland...

Said friend comes from England and only came up here to go to the same uni I do (no idea why). She went down to see her parents for a week and when she came back, this was her comment. Usually we are all doing the usual England vs Scotland jingoism jokes on each other but this from a Scottish was just brilliant. (Bear in mind that in Scotland alone there are at least 8 accents, off the top of my head. England, being bigger, has a lot more (some are better than others =P ))

As for life itself, things have got strange. Out of the three main fronts (I like my military speak) one of them, jobhunting, has finally turned good (Finally got a job! Start on Thursday). The second, uni, has became clearer, but entails 4 resits (first one a month today) so just have to get down to it and revise again =( The third has gone to confusion (Was seeing someone the past few weeks but not sure whats happening now, long story). But the job was a massive boost and has succeded in lifting me out of my recent rut. (Not to mention help my wallet)

And is it me or are the quality of these getting poorer? =S

As for the background, I dont have a name for credit...

Advertisement, July 17th, 2018, 7:37 pm ( Reply )


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